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01 Jul 2018  | MEETING

Inception Meeting - SDC HUC Focus Grants 2018–2019

published date
01 July 2018
Chi H Truong (Shachi)
HUC aims to enhance collaboration among universities in the HKH and to promote centres of excellence on research topics that are relevant to the region. The inception workshop will bring together principal investigators of selected lead institutions and partners to foster regional collaboration in higher education and research for sustainable mountain development.
  • Familiarize participants with the Himalayan University Consortium and the process of HUC Institutional Grants
  • Create common understanding about the project grant – its vision, goals, objectives, and implementation plans
  • Present the project to the project team, ICIMOD resource persons, and Swiss experts
  • Discuss the roles of various partners and stakeholders in project implementation and introduce the partnership approach
  • Ensure ownership, support, and commitment to project outputs by partners
Expected Outcomes 
  • Partners have a shared understanding of the project and their respective roles
  • ICIMOD Resource Persons and Swiss experts interact with grantees to enhance project direction and plans