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Multispecies migration in the climate-changed Himalayas

Photo: Kabir Uddin/ICIMOD


Framed by the interconnected themes of climate/clime studies and migration, we welcome papers addressing climate-driven migration as a relational and multispecies affair in concrete historical, ecological, scientific, social, spiritual, and affective terms. We welcome research projects addressing, but not limited to,  the following topics contextualised in the Hindu Kush Himalaya, including its downstream river basins: human and nonhuman migrations, plant-human entanglements, animal geographies, the lives, deaths, and after-lives of matter, more-than-human histories, shapeshifting and migrating waters, indigenous crops, seeds, and food-systems (and  changes therein), human affective and spiritual relations with physical environments, movement, mobility, and connection to places, epistemologies of climate (change), anthropogenic alterations of landscapes, and multispecies ethics and justice in climate changed environs.


Eligibility, procedure, and outcomes

The symposium takes the form of a two-year project that encompasses capacity-building, a workshop/conference, field-research, and collective publication. A key-event is a multiple-days, in-person workshop in Thimphu, Bhutan that will consist of technical sessions, methodological discussions, guest-lectures, and the streamlining and planning of publication goals.

The symposium is open to scholars working in the HKH region. Scholars from or based in the HKH region will be given first priority in terms of travel and research funding. Selection will take place through a competitive process. In the selection process, priority will be allotted to indigenous, female, early career scholars, and to applicants applying from institutions that are members of the HUC network.


Application process

Applications should consist of a motivation letter including a pitch of the proposed research and paper (500-750 words) and a CV.

Applications may be submitted to: jjpwouters@rtc.bt, with a copy to huc@icimod.org

The application deadline is 30 June 2024.


Date Action Remarks
30 June 2024 Submission of abstract, curriculum vitae, and letter of motivation   
15 August 2024 Selection announced  
15 September 2024 Virtual inception meeting  
31 October 2024 Submission of working draft  
7 - 9 Novemeber 2024 Physical meeting at the Royal Thimphu College, Bhutan Full funding will be provided for scholars from/based in the HKH
December 2024 - June 2025 Additional fieldwork Authors build on their extant research by an attunement to multispecies migration. Fieldwork funding will be prioritised for HKH scholars.
September 2025 Submission of complete draft  
October - November 2025 Substantive feedback on the individual submissions  
February 2026 Submission of revised and final manuscripts  
March 2026 Language enhancement and submission of collective work to an international publisher  


For the detailed call, please refer to the full document below.
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