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15 Sep 2018

TROSA HUC Water Research Grants 2018-2019 were Selected

Eight proposals submitted in response for the TROSA HUC Water Research Grants Call for Proposals were thoroughly reviewed by a panel of four subject matter specialists and a representative from TROSA Oxfam. Proposals were submitted by HUC members in India (2), Nepal (2), Myanmar (1), and Bangladesh (1).  Topics of proposed research ranged from causes and effects of sediment dynamics, water quality assessment, transboundary water governance, impact of infrastructure on livelihood, to community based flood disaster risk reducation. The proposals were looking at Brahmaputra, Ganga, and Salween rivers. Some proposals were more explicit in transboundary approach than other.  Three of Principal Investigators of these proposals were women.

Based on the match between the proposed research and TROSA priorities, strength of methodology and quality of proposal, three proposals were recommended for funding. The Technical Committee also provided detailed suggestions for revision of the proposal to increase their feasibility of implementation and quality of outcome.

One of the three awarded projects withdrew due to unavoidable circumstances and was replaced by a proposal by invitation.

Three TROSA HUC Water Grants 2018-2019

Narayani to Gandak:  Capturing Trajectories of Transboundary Water Governance and Civic Engagement, Dr Prof Jacquleen Joseph, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, in partnership with Kathmandu University, USD 20,000, 15 months, from 16 Sep 2018 to 15 Dec 2019.


Transboundary water governance and role of institution to enhance the capacities of marginalized community in Mahakali River Basin, Dr Rashila Deshar, Central Department of Environmental Science, Tribhuwan University, in partnership with TERI School of Advanced Studies, USD 20,000, 15 months, from 16 Sep 2018 to 15 Dec 2019.


Mapping of Transboundary River Basin and Water Resources Management by Riparian Community of Saralbhanga River Basin shared by Assam and Bhutan, Dr Om Katel, College of Natural Resources, Royal University of Bhutan, in collaboration with Bodoland University, USD 20,000, 8 months, from 15 Feb 2018 to 30 Sept 2019.