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Xu Jun

Professor and PhD Advisor
Sichuan University

Xu Jun is a Professor of History at Sichuan University in China. She received her BA (Museology), MA (History of Chinese Ethno-group), and PhD (Special History) in 1992, 1995, and 1999, respectively, from Sichuan University. She is a Senior Researcher at the Anthropology Institute and the Tibetan Studies Center, both at Sichuan University. She was a visiting scholar to the Harvard-Yenching Institute at Harvard University (2001–02, 2010) and the Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit at University of Cambridge (2013–14). Her research interests include cultural diversity; historical, social, and cultural changes; resettlement issues and social and economic development in Tibetan areas; and multimedia database. She offers courses in Cultural Anthropology, Indigenous Knowledge, and Cultural Diversity Protection; Anthropology Research Methods; Special Topics for Southwest Minorities’ Social, Economic Development and Cultural Change; and Special Topics for Tibetan Studies, Tibetan Society, and Culture at SCU.

Her current projects are entitled “Resettlement in the hydroelectric development in Tibetan areas: An anthropological survey of environmental restoration of Sanjiangyuan on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with a focus on ecological undergraduate resettlement” and “Current situation and characteristics of Sino-Tibetan relationship in the new era (since 1978)”.

Xu has published several monographs such as “A village in Sophora viciifolia: Research report on a resettlement village of Kaschin-Beck disease program in Qinu, Daga, Lhasa, Tibet” and “For a better environment: On sustainable development of Qinghai, Gansu and Sichuan’s Tibetan Areas”.


Current academic positions

Executive Chair, Himalaya Multimedia Database Project (2014–present)

Professor, History Department, Sichuan University (2009–present)

Senior Researcher, Anthropology Institute, Sichuan University (2005–present)

Senior Researcher, Tibetan Studies Center, Sichuan University (2000–present)

Honours and awards

2016 – Achievement Award, Sichuan University

2015 – Academic Leaders, Sichuan Province

2009 – Prospected Scholar in New Century, Chinese Ministry of Education

2008 – Distinguished Researcher Award, Sichuan University

2005 – Academic Nominee of Leaders, Sichuan Province

2005 – 2nd prize, Philosophical and Social Science Award, Sichuan Provincial Government



Mountain Research Initiative (MRI)  Science Leadership Council (SLC)
Himalayan University Consortium (HUC) Steering Group
Chinese Ministry of Education (CME) Research Projects Reviewer
Anthropology and Ethnology Society of China (AESC) Member
Southwest Ethnology Society of China (SESC) Board Director
Keys Station of Minority Ethnics Philosophy and Cultural Heritage of State Ethnic Affairs Commission Academic Committee Members
Sichuan Folklore Society Secretary General