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Rezaur Rahman

Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM)
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Rezaur Rahman teaches courses related to environment, disaster management and climate change. He has served as an adjunct/part-time faculty in a number of public and private universities. His research area comprises of water and the environment, and he has been associated with environmental impact assessments for several water, power, and road sector projects across Bangladesh.  


In his career, Rahman also worked as an environment expert for the Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS), Dhaka, and an environment and climate change expert for the Planning Commission of the Government of Bangladesh. At CEGIS, he was the leader of the CEGIS environmental support team for the preparation of the National Water Management Plan. He was also involved in the preparation of several national planning and strategy documents including the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, National Sustainable Development Strategy, and National Disaster Management Plan.

Rahman is also on several national committees. He currently serves on the Joint Technical Committee for conducting the Feasibility Study of the Ganges-Padma Barrage Project under the Provisions of the Ganges Water Sharing Treaty, Ministry of Water Resources; the Technical Valuing Water Committee, Prime Minister’s Office; and work stream on Water Governance and Sustainability, 2030 WRG – World Bank, Bangladesh.


Rahman was involved in the regional research project, ‘Brahmaputra Dialogue’, and was a peer reviewer for the ‘Environmental Flow Assessment for the Sundarbans Ecosystem’, a component of ‘Ecosystem for Life – A Bangladesh-India Initiative’ project under IUCN. He was the BUET coordinator for the ‘Crossing boundaries’ project on capacity building in IWRM and gender in South Asia. His current research include ‘Sediment discontinuity in Ganges River and its impact on flooding patterns’ and ‘Evaluation of adaptation trials for coastal livelihoods in GBM Delta and its upscaling to climate financing’ under the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) Asia.

Rahman is a Civil Engineering graduate of BUET. He received his master’s from The Johns Hopkins University and his PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He was a visiting scholar at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin.